How to apply for new CBN N500,000, N750,000 and N3,000,000 Non-Interest and Collateral-free Targetted Credit Facilities


The Centeral Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) Setup 50Billion Naira Interest-free Targeted Credit Facility (TCF) to Support Nigerians Household and MSEs.


  • Loan Amount: N500,000 and N750,000
  • Moratorium: Up to 12 Months
  • Tenor: Up to 36 Months


The Non-Interest Agri-Business/Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Scheme (AGSMEIS) intercourse with allied products, foodstuff, building material, transportation, computers/phones, electronics etc.

AGSMEIS Loan Summary

  • Loan Amount: Up to N3,000,000
  • Moratorium: Up to 12 Months
  • Tenor: Up to 36 Months

Loan Sign

  • These facilities are not cash-based since the CBN will only pay the approved loan amounts to their own designated individual Vendors are required to provide you with the requested items to start or support your business.
  • If you are gain from the TCF Covid-19, your are not qualified for new Non-Interest TCF. But you are qualified to apply for Non-interest AGSMEIS of N3,000,000.
  • And Your If your benefited from AGSMEIS, you’re not qualified for new non-interest AGSMEIS, You can apply for non-interest TCF of N500,000 or N750,000.
  • N500,000 has no special requirements for non-interest TCF
  • business name, Registered Company (RC) number and Tax Identificationnumber (TIN) are required for applicants of N750,000 non-interest TCF
  • AGSMEIS Applicants of N3,000,000 required business plan writing from CBN approved Enterprise Development Institutes (EDIs), certification and short business training.
  • You can apply Non-Interest Targeted Credit Facility (TCF) Household of N500,000 by Clicking Apply


  • You can apply Non-Interest Targeted Credit Facility (TCF) SME of N750,000 by clicking apply


  • Your can apply for AGSMEIS facility by click Apply


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