How To Apply UNICEF National Birth Registration Recruitment

Click on link below to apply


Steps To Apply UNICEF National Birth Registration Recruitment

This steps it will be with image below the steps explaination

  • Firstly write your full as (As indicated in your official documents) e.g First name, Second name, and other name
Screenshot 20220320 181202
  • Writing your age
Screenshot 20220320 181212
  • Choose your gender
Screenshot 20220320 181223
  • Write your active Email address
Screenshot 20220320 182950
  • As state in requirement required select Yes (you have a smart phone) if you have, if you don’t have select No
Screenshot 20220320 181234
  • Choose your residence state
Screenshot 20220320 181256
  • Choose your local government Area
Screenshot 20220320 181307
  • Write the name of your Ward/Settlement/Community
Screenshot 20220320 181324
  • Select on Yes I am aware and I fully commit to this and click on Summit
Screenshot 20220320 181350

After you summit it will show you response has been recorded.

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