How to Sell Airtime on MTN Beta Talk to Cash

Many think that it’s impossible to sell or share your airtime in MTN beta talk. the possibility of how to only sell your airtime in MTN beta talk without losing your airtime and data bonus.
This is a simple and easy way to sell MTN airtime to c
ash in on MTN beta talk in two ways.

  • Using the Betpower website
  • And migration to MTN true talk plan

Sell Airtime In MTN beta talk airtime by using the Betpower Online Website

Betpower buys airtime from Beta Talk without any migration from traff plan to another. It’s like buying 1000 Naira airtime at 800 Naira.

  • Create an account
  • “Click on Deposit.”
Img 20220905 193034
  • Select the MTN network provider.
Img 20220905 193111
  • Enter the amount you want.
Img 20220905 193126
  • Betpower will send you a notification to accept it.

The Betpower will automatically debit airtime from your SIM.

Note: the minimum withdrawal from the bitpower is 1000 Naira.

Sell Airtime In MTN Beta Talk by migrating to TruTalk

Don’t be afraid of losing your MTN Beta Talk Bonus by migrating to MTN Trutalk. With this method, you will sell your MTN beta talk airtime/recharge without bonus loss, and with trutalk you will enjoy 7.17 Naira calls in Nigeria are available for 11.26 kobo/sec across ALL local networks.

  • Migrate to MTN trust talk my dailing *123*2*6#
  • After migration, trutalk will offer you to sell recharge by using share and sell with *777# with small changes.

You can find someone that accepts MTN shares and sell them to him.


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