Mobil Producing Nigeria Training programs

Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited (MPNU) invites qualified applicants to apply for the Mobil Producing Nigeria training programs and Equipment, The Mobil Producing Nigeria Training programs called Apprentice Training Program (ATP) is a foundational training course created to give young Nigerians the knowledge and abilities they’ll need to succeed in the oil and gas sector.

At the MPNU Technical Training Center (TTC), in Eket, Akwa Ibom State, the ATP will last roughly 23 months. This chance offers both formal and informal education, including on-the-job training at operational facilities.
Participants will obtain an MPNU “Certificate of Completion” in their particular field of study (Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, or Process Operations) after successfully completing the program.

Mobil Producing Nigeria Training programs Requiments

  • Nigerians Citizen
  • Must be in possession of an identity card issued by the government (a valid driver’s license, national ID, voters card, or international passport).
  • Must possess a National Diploma (ND) in one of the disciplines listed below:
    • Technology Chemical Engineering
    • Technology in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    • Technology in Mechanical Engineering
    • Technology in Petroleum Engineering
  • must have received a Lower Credit or above and have graduated no earlier than 2019 Please be aware that candidates with better qualifications won’t be taken into consideration.
  • Notification: Only chosen applicants will be notified.

Mobil Producing Nigeria Training programs Application Form

Applicants qualified for Mobil Producing Nigeria Training programs and Certification should click below to apply

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