Win a $500, 000 prize at Ecobank Fintech Challenge 2023 

Ecobank, in partnership with African Fintech network tech cabal and konfidants, has opened a 500,000-dollar prize Fintech competition to an eligible applicant. 

Apply now to take part in the Ecobank Fintech Challenge 2023. Ecobank Fintech Challenge is a pan-African innovation contest and business partnership initiative. It was developed to encourage, assist, and collaborate with African Fintechs to expand the market for cutting-edge Fintech and banking-related products.

Through the Ecobank Fintech Challenge, scale-ready Fintechs are identified, partnered with, and provided access to opportunities throughout Ecobank’s 35 African markets. The goal is to foster their growth as potential Pan African Fintech success stories.

Ecobank Fintech Challenge Benefits

Become a finalist and an Ecobank Fintech Fellow to explore these opportunities:

  • This a once-in-a-lifetime chance to integrate with Ecobank and launch goods across Ecobank’s over 30 African markets.

The top three Challenge winners will get $15,000, $12,000, and $10,000.

  • Ecobank may work with startups in any of its 33 countries.
  • Ecobank will provide fellows with a specialized staff to help with API tests to better their pan-African products.
  • Founders will become Ecobank Fintech Fellows, gaining access to an extensive global and African Accelerators, investors, and mentors network.
  • Fintechs can incorporate Ecobank’s digital solutions through the Challenge. Ecobank Omni, Ecobank Xpress, Ecobank Mobile APP or USSD, MasterPassTM QR, mVISATM, and mCash are among the digital offerings.

Requirements For Ecobank Fintech Challenge

The fintech challenge is open to Africa-focused or relevant Fintech.

These products must address a specific set of pain points:

  • User experience
  • Financial inclusion
  • Credit scores
  • Ecosystem Aggregation
  • Internal tools
  • Payments
  • Other connected product categories
  • Ecobank Fintech Challenge 2023 Application Method 

Attractive applicants to win a $500,000 prize for Ecobank Fintech Challenge should link below to apply

Apply For Ecobank Fintech Challenge 2023 |Win a $500,000

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