Kano state spends 1.2B naira each month for potable water to its residents

The Kano State government allocates a substantial 1.2 billion Naira each month to ensure the supply of clean drinking water to its residents

Kano State Water Supply

The Kano State government is taking significant steps to ensure the provision of potable water to its residents, spending an impressive 1.2 billion Naira each month. This substantial budget is distributed across various necessities, including 400 million Naira for diesel, 387 million Naira for essential chemicals, and 280 million Naira for electricity.

Commissioner for Water Resources Ali Makoda highlighted the challenges faced by the state’s water supply infrastructure. Much of the equipment, especially at the Tamburawa water treatment plant, needs to be updated and is in dire need of replacement. This has led to sporadic water shortages, affecting the daily lives of Kano’s residents.

However, the government is not sitting idle. Makoda assured the public that measures are being implemented to address these issues promptly. Within two days, significant improvements in water supply are expected as part of the state’s broader efforts to modernize and enhance its water infrastructure.

This initiative is part of Kano State’s broader commitment to improving public utilities and ensuring that all citizens have access to essential services.

The ongoing investments in water infrastructure underscore the government’s dedication to public health and welfare, recognizing that access to clean water is a fundamental right and necessity for all.

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